Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mswmm Files Won't Open

All is not lost - Or how I survived 40 days without a breath

cells after threatening letters and tired of receiving phone calls demanding the return to the blog, way to comment on a few things. On the one hand, the work has kept me terribly busy. From this I can say that I'm only working on the development of a documentary that promises to be the revelation of the century 21. More info later in time.

Furthermore, this blog has been affected by the high volume of work, but not so far from closed. Perhaps if the pace of posting is a bit slow. In any case I recommend going out to enjoy the spring before the heat becomes so oppressive that the only thing we can do is drink beer in a state of near total numbing.

Third, high parades in Chacarita. How I love the neighborhood. What's "fat" I think it's a little more.

Fourth, as who knows when I'll be back to attack all fronts of the Internet to offer the very best and most interesting of the web, I will leave a high content accompanying quality until my return. This is an interview Look to the magnificent Charles, author of Under The Sun Tremendo, highly recommended novel, and author of "Carlito Borderline, blog where we keep track of their daily vicissitudes, such as whether the refrigerator is broken, or you just The faso. Genius of the universe. The interview was conducted by two guys with a future to those who I have the pleasure of knowing personally, and Guarnieri Mendelbaum fools. The interview is the first installment of his series "Literary Inquisitions" in which interview the kids that really matter.

Well, there it is. Continue to enter every day for news, but do not hate me if you can not find them. Ho Ho Ho.




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